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See The Effects of Alcohol You Always Ignore

Alcohol’s effects on the brain can be felt quickly. Not only can drinking cause temporary complications such as memory loss and coordination, it can also lead to long-term side effects that are sometimes irreversible.

Prolonged and excessive alcohol use can interfere with how the brain functions, as well as how it’s structured. Damage to different regions of the brain, especially the cerebellum, limbic system and cerebral cortex, can significantly impact the body’s communication pathways.

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The highest minimum drinking age around the world is?

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Legal drinking ages vary from country to country. In countries like Albania, there is no age restriction whereas certain other countries restrict the kind of alcoholic beverage that can be consumed at specific ages (eg 18 years for beer and 21 years for wine in Egypt). The highest age restriction is in Delhi, India where youngsters are not supposed to drink till they reach 25 years.

Other uses for Alcohol are?

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The ethanol form of alcohol has industrial uses across the board. Besides those mentioned earlier, ethyl alcohol is used as a solvent for flavorings and also in medicines and colorings. Alcohol-based thermometers measure temperature using ethanol. Ethanol can also be used as a primary antidote for methanol poisoning.

What does 'alcohol proof' mean?

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In countries where the sale of alcohol is legal, the 'alcohol proof' is the measurement of alcohol content in the beverage. The prevailing law regulates this statement of alcoholic content on the bottle's label.

The benefits of moderate alcohol consumption include?

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Reports also suggest that sensible drinking helps prevent or lessen the impact of diseases like digestive disorders, depression, duodenal ulcer, pancreatic cancer, hearing and memory loss, gallstones, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and osteoporosis. Lesser cases of hospitalization and general disability, and lower 'bad' cholesterol levels have also been observed.

As you may know, there are different kinds of alcohol compounds. Which of these compounds is fit for consumption?

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Ethyl alcohol/ethanol is the only form of alcohol that can be consumed. Other forms are lethal or can cause debilitating side effects. Methanol is a common cause of blindness from consumption of illicit liquor in some countries like India.

Many early historical records mention alcohol. Its purpose, in ancient time, included?

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Archaeologists have found evidence of wines (pressed from grapes) existing for more than 10,000 years. Its purpose was wide and varied. Research says that alcohol served as a "social lubricant, (it) can facilitate relaxation, provide pharmacological pleasure, and increase the pleasure of eating."

To avoid a hangover?

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To side-step the horrible after-effects of drinking out, make sure you eat fresh fruits/drink a glass of milk before you start. Also, avoid getting dehydrated - so keep drinking lots of water. Drinking slowly and not ordering a fizzy drink in between can help lessen the impact of the alcohol you've consumed.

Excess consumption of alcohol, in the long run, affects women more than it does men?

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Women put themselves at a higher risk of chronic illnesses like liver disease and certain types of cancer even if their consumption levels have been the same as a male counterpart.

Alcohol can cause serious implications in patients suffering from which of the following diseases?

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Alcoholism/Alcohol abuse causes nerve disorders, muscle cramps, speeds up ageing, osteoporosis, appetite loss and depression. Binge drinking can lead to atrial fibrillation, which increases risk of blood clots and stroke. The liver takes time to process alcohol - hence, an excess of blood alcohol level can overwork the liver and cause long-term difficulties. Alcohol also can cause serious complications in individuals who've suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.

Which of the following is an alcohol myth?

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While is widely believed that alcohol helps you warm yourself in cold climates, the opposite is true. Alcohol does increase blood flow toward the skin and may give an initial warming sensation. However, you actually end up losing body heat after some time.

effects of alcohol you don't know
Every person is different; therefore, the effects of alcohol vary from person to person. While some people may be able to limit their drinking, others have a difficult time controlling their alcohol consumption. In order to fully understand the consequences of drinking, you should first know what constitutes as a drink.

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